The MAME arcade cabinet

Like many people born back in the 70’s, I grew up with arcades.  The arcade was
the magical place that had pizza and innundated you with random sounds from all
angles.  There were never enough tokens, even if you had the spend $5, get $5 in
tokens free.  Especially if you even tried playing Dragon’s Lair.  The beautiful
machine that i didn’t quite understand how to play, but still kept stuffing
quarters in to, just because it looked like a cartoon.

Now arcades are few and far between due to the proliferation of console gaming in the last 20
years.  Even going to an arcade now is depressing.  Games in semi working
order,  dead games everywhere and the only things that are functioning are the
redemption games.  Click this button and time it right and win some
tickets. Exchange $10 in tickets for a piece of junk.  Where’s the fun in that?
No space invaders, no q-bert , no pinball.  Somehow all the magic has been

Since my boys will never really be able to experience a
redemption free arcade, I’ve decided that I should build my own.  Not to the
same scale of course, but a more compact, efficient version.  I’ve got a pinball
machine which they love so far.  But now it’s time that they get introduced to
true arcade gaming.

I’ve decided to build a MAME (Multiple Arcade
Machine Emulator .  This
one arcade cabinet will play every arcade game ever.  I’m in the process of
designing and ordering all of the parts to make this machine work.  I’ll be
posting all of the details here for all to enjoy.  I’m initially building three
of these; one for me, one for my brother in law and one for a friend.  This way
I only have to pay 1/3 of the shipping and they get to be my guinea pigs.  Not
to mention that my sister is not a fan of arcade games and this is a great
opportunity to continue my lifelong role as the ‘annoying little brother’.


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