The Coin Doors

One of the last major parts that I’ve been waiting on arrived today, the coin doors.  Whoop dee doo, a coin door, what fun is that you say?  Well, I’ll tell you.  No arcade machine is complete without the ability to drop a quarter into it.  There’s something satisfying about hearing that coin fall and land in the pile of quarters before you hear the credit sound from the machine.  I refuse to just have a button that I press for an additional credit.  No fun in that.

There is one other reason that I decided that I need a coin door.  Kid-proofing!  I know my boys are smart enough to figure out how to work the arcade cabinet.  Charlie managed to buy a map pack for Call of duty 3 on the Xbox 360 when he was around a year old.  Who knows what he’ll do now.  Without quarters, the kids can’t go playing games any time that they want, so the only thing stopping them is that high resistance connection in the micro-switch, buried deep behind the locked coin door.

I purchased my coin doors from eBay at around a 66% discount from the standard Suzo-Happ Controls price of $150.  I went with the Happ 40-0038-00 over under coin door.  Two coin slots for two players and the most important thing, it will hold $1350 in quarters.  I’ll do the math for you.  That’s 5400 quarters, weighing in at 67.5 pounds.  Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever push that limit.

I received the package and the USPS did quite the number on it.  No wait, they beat the hell out of it.  Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that there are problems in the USPS.  A package labeled Fragile seems to become a target.  I’ve already contacted the seller and he’s assured me that he insured the package and he’s had this happen before.  That’s good at least.

USPS: 1 Package: 0
box bottom corner (Large)
A few gouges in the paint on the door
gouge 1 (Large)
gouge 3 (Large)
One broken mech
broken mech (Large)


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