Control panel wiring harness

Since I’m making three of these and possibly more later, I wanted to make the wiring as easy as possible.  The easiest way to wire something up you ask?  Make a harness.  This will result in some nice clean wiring.  No spaghetti here.  Of course, in order to do that, I need to make a template.  This is the same template that i used when i decided on a layout for all of the buttons and joysticks.

Control Panel Template

Screws for wire bends and switch locations
Start running wires.  If I had a larger budget , I’d have one wire color for each switch.  That would make debugging easier.  But alas my budget didn’t allow for another 1000 feet of wire, so I’ll have to rely on using a multimeter when making the final connections to the ultimarc board.


Copious tie wraps and ready for crimping

This is where I wish I had a powered crimper. I used on of those back on my assembly line days while working through engineering school.

All crimping complete

The finished harness

What I should do at this point is label all of the wires using a set of electrician’s labels. Here’s a set that I’d use if I feel so inclined.


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