Easy and Cheap Joystick Mounting

It’s nice to have an easy solution for mounting screws to wood, especially if you are using MDF.  Regular screw can make a mess of MDF if over tightened.  Your best bet is to use threaded inserts which are embedded into the wood.  I had seen Ultimarc.com offering mounting kits for joysticks.  Threaded inserts, screws, washers and lock washers.  For $8 + shipping!!!

I couldn’t justify spending $8 on a few fasteners.  So since I’m building several machines at once, I can buy some things in bulk, such as these fasteners.

My goto location for something like this is Grainger

All of these are sized for a 3/4″ thick panel
Threaded Insert Threaded Insert,Pk 100 $13.66
Machine Screw Mach Screw,Pan,1/4-20×5/8 L,PK 100 $23.18
Lock Washer Lock Washer,Ext,Zinc,Fits 1/4 In,Pk 100 $2.49
Flat Washer Flat Washer,SAE,Zinc,Fits 1/4 In,Pk 100 $1.93

IMG_0077 (Medium)

For a set of 100, it costs $44.87 with local tax, or $1.80 for a set of 4 for 1 joystick. Ordering the fasteners from Ultimarc.com would have cost me $48 + shipping for my set of three cabinets.

Happy Building!


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