Monitor Dissection

I’m using a 20″ Dell Ultrasharp 2001FP screen for the MAME cabinet.  In a 4:3 orientation it’s roughly the same size as a 24″ wide-screen.  It’s not quite the same as using a 29″ CRT but at around $80 on eBay it’ll have to do.  Besides, so many of these old games had much smaller screens anyways.  Although I’m sure Dragon’s lair would look better on a larger screen.

One great thing about this monitor is the latching power button.  I can push it on and know that the switch will always be in the on position and not have to think about manually turning it on or off.  I don’t know if this is the case or not with the newer dell monitors with momentary switches.  I should test this out.

The untouched monitor
IMG_0065 (Medium)
IMG_0067 (Medium)

Not only do we have to take all of the plastic off, but the stand needs to be disassembled as well.  The mount on the stand will give us a nice surface to bolt to and the quick release mechanism will still be intact.

4 screws on the back need to be removed
IMG_0066 (Medium)
You’d think by looking at it that you just pry the back off, but it’s the exact opposite.  The front gets pried off using a wide flathead screwdriver. If for some reason you want to reuse the plastic, you may want to be careful here. I put nice little dents in all over with the flathead.
IMG_0068 (Medium)

And the back pops right off
IMG_0069 (Medium)

Be careful that you don’t lose this button. You’ll need it later.
IMG_0071 (Medium)

I’ve decided to keep the controls from the screen in case the monitor needs to be adjusted later.  They’ll be dangling inside the cabinet.
IMG_0073 (Medium)
It’s held to the monitor by a small harness and 16 pin header.
IMG_0072 (Medium)

The back plastic panel now has to be trimmed to handle the mount.  Without the plastic in place the mount is extremely loose. 4 screws go back in and don’t forget the release button.
IMG_0075 (Medium)

I removed the mount from the stand so i could later drop some lags in it for easier mounting.
IMG_0074 (Medium)

When all is said and done, we’ve got a nice lcd screen with no bezel and a rear mount that can be easily attached to a 2×4 cross-piece.
IMG_0076 (Medium)

Happy Building!


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