Building the Power Switch

Now that I’ve got the plans all laid out for wiring up the switch, it’s time to get my hands dirty and actually do it.

Tools that are quite handy when soldering and working with electronics:
An extra set of hands.
the extra hand (Medium)

Soldering iron with adjustable temperature.
soldering iron (Medium)

A Mini Torch.
handy torch (Medium)

I bought my switch from

Red Illuminated Bulgin Style “Momentary” Vandal Switch – 16mm – Black Housing – Ring Illumination
When powered up, it has a nice glow to it. This switches come in several colors.
Lit Switch (Medium)

I start out by tinning the wires. This makes it easier when soldering the wires to the switch.
tinned leads (Medium)

Before soldering the wires to the switch, don’t forget to put the shrink tubing over each wire.
remember the shrink tubing (Medium)

The bare switch
Bare power switch (Medium)

You’ll notice on these switches NO and NC. These mean ‘Normally Open’ and ‘Normally Closed’. Since we want to have the switch closed when pressed, we want to wire up to the Normally Open terminal and leave the Normally Closed one untouched.
terminals soldered (Medium)

Slide the shrink tubing up.
shrink tubing before (Medium)

Shrink that tubing. The Mini Torch is great for this.
shrink tubing after (Medium)

Once done, tie wrap that thing to death. The more the better. Spaghetti wires are never fun to deal with.
before and after tie wraps (Medium)

Next up: Integrating the relay.


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