Wiring in the Relay

Now that the power switch has an attached harness, it can be wired up to the computer along with the relay to create a switched outlet.

Looking at the relay diagram again
Relay Diagram

We want to run +12VDC power to terminals 2 and 7. 120VAC is connected to terminals 1 and 8. When the computer is turned on, the coil is energized, turning on the relay. This connects 120VAC power to terminals 4 and 5.

A sample all wired up
relay wiring (Medium)

And all of the connections made to the computer
final wiring (Medium)

thin blue and brown wires – motherboard header power sw
these attach to the white and blue wires from the power switch
Yellow : +12VDC, connects to the relay
Black : Ground, connects to the relay and to the power switch led (black wire)
Red : +5VDC, connects to the power switch led

Now, when the power switch is pressed

  1.  the power goes on in the computer
  2.  the led is lit in the switch
  3.  the relay coil energizes
  4.  the switched outlet is hot
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