Building the Arcade Cabinet Base

I wanted to make so that my machine had a nice solid base on it. so I came up with the following design.

There are wheels mounted on the back and then leg levelers on the front. (See the bottom of the post for links to the parts mentioned in this post) The levelers have nylon bases, so they wont scratch hard floors and they should easily slide on carpet.

The wheels should help the cabinet move around easily. I’m not sure how heavy this thing will be when all is said and done, but I’m sure it’ll be over 200 pounds. That’s enough to warrant having some wheels on the back side. On these wheels, you have a choice between two different wheel protrusion amounts. I’m going with about a 1/2″ for my set of cabinets. That’s enough to allow some rolling and keep the t-molding from the sides off of the floor.

The front panel is braced by two struts to keep the panel from being kicked in accidentally.  The rear box allows the wheels to have enough room to be attached properly.  Since this is only the base and nothing will be visible from the outside, I decided to nail everything together.  The remainder of the cabinet will have no visible fasteners from the outside.

Occasionally it’s nice to work with measurements that don’t need to be exact, like in the case of the wheels. A very rough cut will do the job just fine as long as the wheel doesn’t drag.
Basic dimensions for cutout:
IMG_0099 (Medium)
Transferring dimensions between the three sets of pieces:
IMG_0097 (Medium)

Corners drilled and side cuts with bandsaw. Remaining cut is done with the jigsaw.
cutout for wheels

Completed and assembled cutout:
wheel cutout finished

Assembled part:
wheels in place 1wheels in place 2
IMG_0103 (Medium)

Completed set of three bases:
3 and done

Part links:

Wheels:  Part number 33-1198-00 from Suzo Happ
Leg levelers: Part number R33-7510 from Outwater Plastics



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