Cabinet T-molding

I’m planning on installing T-molding all around the sides of the cabinet and around the control panel.  It’s a good idea to cut the slots for the t-molding now, before the cabinet is together.  It makes things a lot easier, only dealing with a side instead of putting the cabinet down on its side for each cut.

I had requested samples from and sure enough a couple of days later they arrived. It’s good to see the colors in person. The color never translates well through a camera and monitor screen. Sure enough, orange that looked pink on the screen was indeed orange.  The blue one in the back is a nice deep purple.

For my cabinet I’m going with a Halloween them, since that’s one of my favorite holidays of the year and i usually tend to go overboard with it. Not this year though since my son was just born two weeks ago. I’ll have to pick up the slack next year.

My cabinet is going to be painted black and I decided to go with the purple t-molding. I figured that the purple went well with the black for the night theme.
Here’s my order. Purple for mine, red for theirs. I placed the order on Thursday and it’s here on Tuesday, awesome job
my order

I purchased a 1/16″ slot cutting router bit from amazon.
Freud 63-150 1/16-Inch Slot Cutter Set 9/16-Inch depth (1/2-Inch Shank)
new cutter
new cutter side

I was surprised at the amount of smoke that was generated when cutting the slots. I’m not sure if it was the glue in the plywood or what. The blade is cutting, and i know it’s not in backwards, which I saw was the problem that several people have had in the acrade-controls forums. I always move the router in the direction of the cut, but after doing several of the sides it was generating too much smoke, so I decided to change direction. Since I’m removing a small amount of material, it’s not dangerous to move the router in the opposite direction. Typically you don’t want to do this because the router will pull itself through the wood, causing you to lose control.

Moving in this direction caused no smoke. I moved the router at the same rate of speed.  Any faster and I’d be running around the plywood side.  My only guess after seeing the blade was that glue from the plywood was melting, adhering to the blade and then burning.  A lot of carbon was left on the blade that could be easily chipped off.

burnt cutter

The finished sides.
finished boards

Next up, there’s a pocket hole jig on order.  I think it’ll come in handy during assembly.

Happy Building!



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