Main power switch wiring, Part 2

Now that I’ve got all of my parts and the cabinets are starting to go together, it’s time to start finalizing the wiring assemblies.  I had previously posted a wiring diagram showing all of the connections to the relay and outlets allowing for one hot outlet and one controlled outlet.  I’ll show how all of those connections are made.

For this assembly, I’m using the following parts:

all parts

The two outlets are wired up as follows:

  1. Power in from EMI filter
  2. Outlet 1, always hot
  3. Relay
  4. Out 2, switched

Wiring in the box:
wiring done

Be sure to attach the ground from the EMI filter to the ground connections on both outlets.

Attached to the relay base:
relay connections

In this picture the connections on the front of the base are always live 120 VAC, coming from the always hot outlet.  The connections at the rear are switch by the relay and connect to the switched outlet.

EMI Filter Connections:
EMI Filter

A shot of the switch on the EMI Filter:
emi filter 2

Finished Assembly:
assembly complete

When attached to the computer 12 VDC power supply, it will be connected to the same connections that I’m showing here for testing.  There will also be a diode running across these connections.  Just be careful when working with 120 VAC and open terminals, there’s definitely a shock hazard here.

Showing switched outlet, with 12VDC disconnected:
working assembly 2

12VDC Connected:
working Assembly


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