Monitor Mounting

In a previous post I shows how to yank apart a monitor, just leaving the parts that we need for an easy, solid installation.  Now it’s time to mount the monitor in the cabinet.

I decided on using 2×4’s for the mounting, but their rounded edges needed to be removed to make a solid mount.  Time to use the beast!  This is my 13″ Rockwell planer that weighs an ungodly amount, but that weight makes for a very solid machine. Also a handy machine if you want to make bedding for hamsters.
IMG_0363 (Medium)

I planed the 2×4 down to about 1.125″ x 2.625″
IMG_0364 (Medium)

I cut two pieces for each machine 8″ long and marked an area to be removed that is the exact outside dimension of our planed lumber:
IMG_0365 (Medium)

I cut this out on the table saw with the blade height set to the depth of our groove. You can space the cuts at about a 1/4″ and then snap out the remaining scrap. A few passes through the saw and I have a piece set up to be easily cut out with a jig saw.
IMG_0366 (Medium)

The cross-piece should be cut to 1/8″ less than the inside width of the cabinet. This allows for a little play, so it’s easier to install. I attached the monitor mount to the middle of the cross piece, and then secured it with 4 screws.
IMG_0367 (Medium)

Then comes the most difficult part. Where to attach these in the cabinet? What I should have done was solid modeled this whole thing and then determined dimensions from there. In reality I got out my ruler and put one screw in the u-shaped mount and just roughly attached it to the inside of the cabinet in a spot that “looked good”. I made sure that the mount on the other side was in the same location (a huge pain!), and then I temporarily mounted the monitor. I rotated the mounts until I like the position and then attached more screws, solidifying the chosen location.
IMG_0368 (Medium)

The monitor easily locks into the metal mount. I attached two strips of wood over the U-mounts to lock everything down. This monitor isn’t going anywhere.
IMG_0424 (Medium)

Happy Building!


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