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Swapping the ball top on a U360 joystick

I picked up a pair of Ultimarc’s Ultrastik 360’s. They’re quite nice but I really didn’t like the existing ball top, or the selection of options that Ultimarc had to offer.  Fortunately I noticed in one post on BYOAC by Paradise Arcade that their Seimtsu 6mm ball tops do in fact fit on the U360.  I picked up a pair of ball tops from Paradise Arcade (purchased 2 pair, but only one pair showed up, hopefully that gets fixed), a green bubble top and a violet bubble top.  For all you out there wondering, they fit perfectly and look wonderful.


Links to the two ball tops:
Violet ball top
Green ball top

Update:  Just gave Paradise Arcade Shop a call and the mistake was corrected and my two missing ball tops were sent out immediately.  Great customer service.  Thanks Susan!


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