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Swapping the ball top on a U360 joystick

I picked up a pair of Ultimarc’s Ultrastik 360’s. They’re quite nice but I really didn’t like the existing ball top, or the selection of options that Ultimarc had to offer.  Fortunately I noticed in one post on BYOAC by Paradise Arcade that their Seimtsu 6mm ball tops do in fact fit on the U360.  I picked up a pair of ball tops from Paradise Arcade (purchased 2 pair, but only one pair showed up, hopefully that gets fixed), a green bubble top and a violet bubble top.  For all you out there wondering, they fit perfectly and look wonderful.


Links to the two ball tops:
Violet ball top
Green ball top

Update:  Just gave Paradise Arcade Shop a call and the mistake was corrected and my two missing ball tops were sent out immediately.  Great customer service.  Thanks Susan!


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I-PAC Programming

Here’s my set of screens from WinIPAC.  It’s a wonderful program that’s given away free from Ultimarc.  It makes programming the I-PAC extremely simple.  Everything is drag and drop.  Select the button you want to program and then hit the appropriate key on the keyboard.

No need to put the trackball, trackball buttons or spinners on here since they’re all connected via usb to the computer and don’t need mapping done.

Key Assignments:
key Assignments

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